Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blossom and Bloom - Growing Up Fast

I thought i would share with you a little update on my legacy founders girls.

Heres a cute little pic of them as toddlers just as a reminder from my last post ;)

Bloom is on the left and Blossom is on the right
Blossom is just too cute with her ginger hair and bright blue eye, definatly heir material!

As children:
Playing chess, their favourite hobby and past time
Doing homework in Mummy's room lol
Blossom working hard

Bloom doing homework with ease

When Blossom grows up she wants to be a Scientist!

Bloom wants to be an astronaught

As kids they had different hopes and dreams ... but as teenagers my opinion changed on who i wanted to use as my heir ...

The girls together enjoying a meal before School

The beautiful Bloom

The not so beautiful Blossom

Blossom Blossom Blossom, how how you disapoint thee. But look how stunning Bloom turned out. Makes me feel bad for paying more attention to Blossom while growing up :(

Bloom, the polite young lady thanking Mum for cleaning the house, how sweet!

It was at this point the i decided i wanted Bloom to be my heir. But i didnt like her personality and LTW. So she will be having a mid-life crisis very shortly :P 

Here are a few pics of Aurora now shes an elder, enjoy!


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