Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Liam is a Terrible Father!

Yes its true. Our hated Liam is a terrible father.

Firstly he was very insulting to my lovely Aurora during the dating process, but i was determined to breed with him. It made it hard for her to become pregnant but finally she did. She is in the culinary career and money has been slow. I left decorating the nursery until more maturnity money came in and she had the baby.

The baby was about to come so off to the hospital we went, and just like any good Ai Dad Liam came to teh hospital aswell. Out came a baby girl, Blossom was her name :D ... and out came another baby girl! They called her Bloom.

Aurora has Bloom in arms and Liam had Blossom ... but then he put poor Blossom on the cold concrete floor and wondered off, leaving Mum to pay for a babysitter to take Blossom home! Bad Dad!

Just before they arrived home i got to decorating the Nursery ready for the girls arrivial:

And then, Liam appears at the family home ... so he had abandoned his child, walked into the family home and sat and watched TV, didn't even to see his girls! Oh and he broke the TV!

Aurora made him leave the home and hasn't spoken to him since, she is a struggling single Mum of 2 beautiful little girls but i wouldn't change it for the world!

The toddler stage was a real struggle but we got their in the end with 2 well raised girls!

Bloom: She has Mummys skin but her eyes and hair colors are unknown

 Blossom: Has Mummys skin and eyes and her hair is Daddys

 The girls playing together :D

This is only my third set of twins. My first i lost, they were unexpected and i couldnt handle it. My second i had planned for but a fire caused the death of 1 baby. And the Nova twins are my third and all has went well! They are children now so its safe to say i have survived, but oh boy was it hard!


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