Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nova Legacy - Welcome the 3rd Generation

I played and played and played my sims yesterday and yes, the third generation is finally here!

Isn't Daddy a stud? Haha, he has traveled to my game via a very good friend of mines studio, Thanks Sammy <3

Look at the candy pink hair!!! Much love :D
Anyways my poor Bloom, it took 6 tries in a row for her to become pregnant! And this is just hr first i want her too have another later on! Poor woman.

Dosen't she suit pregnancy? This is the maternity dress i designed for her, isn't it gorgeous? After having the baby i used it as her formal wear xD

Ok below is some epic cuteness, so if you cant handle epic cuteness then please look away now! Haha. Bloom was sitting and watching the TV having a nice relaxing time to herself when Miley decides to jump up onto her lap and keep the baby bump warm, how sweet!

And it wasn't long until the labour started! Its like Miley knew.

A very heavily pregnant Bloom waddling to a taxi to take her to the hospital.

Yes this is the hospital, i am playing in Lunar Lakes that was generously gifted to me by the amazing Blewis!

Discharged from hosptal with a healthy baby girl named Cosmina Nova :)

Lots of piccies of returning home with the beautiful new addiction :D

The third generation is officially here and i am loving every second :D


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