Friday, 2 March 2012

Cosmina and Miley - Cute as Buttons

Cosmina and Miley both growing together and getting to know each other, its so sweet and definatly needed documented :D

Miley snuggled up in bed

But the second cat nap she didnt decide to sleep in her bed, or on Bloom's bed, or in either of the spare beds, or even the couch! She slept on the kitchen counter ... maybe she was hot? It is made of glass lol

And she dreamt of Mum, how sweet.

She then greeted Mum from her slumber, yes that is a formal dress she is wear, she is insane so wears what she wants when she wants lol

Cuddle Time!

And play time :D

Meanwhile Bloom teaches Cosmina to talk

Then takes a break, leaveing Cosmina and Miley to bond

I love this picture

The following day it was time to learn the skill of walking!

She is one fast learner, giving Mum lots of time on her hands, just as her maturnity leave ran out. So it was back off to work for Mum, and fun with the baby sitter for Cosmina and Miley

But Miley had too much fun and needed a bath

I love this picture too. You can see the similarities between Mum and daughter, and of course, her grandma's crazy hair!

Dont they make a cute family? I am so proud of my legacy so far! Time to make Cosmina a sister i think ;)


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