Sunday, 8 April 2012

A New Arrival!

Bloom being the broody Mad'am she is, it wasn't long before she was pregnant again. Isn't her dress smart? :D

A very healthy baby bump out in the vegetable garden ;)

Cosmina was growing up fast :(

But not too fast, as you can see she is a little big confused of where babies from from :D hahaha

Homework needed done

And that Homework seemed to be very hard :O The BABY'S COMMING!!!

I love little Cosmina's Panic xD

Off to Lunar Lakes Hospital she goes, the phones ringing, who can that be? :S i think Bloom is a little bit busy Hahaha

And out pops ... Its a girl! What would have known *coughs* Watermelons *Coughs*

She returns home to introduce the new arrival to Cosmina 

all welcome, baby Celestine Nova!

The 2nd born of the Third Generation in the Nova Legacy! 



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