Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cosmina and Celestine - Growing Up

The girls are growing up very fast :O 

Cosmina having fun in the Treehouse. bloom felt that some outdoor furniture would do the girls good, and it would keep Cosmina out of her hair while caring for the new baby.

Little Celestine in her punky little outfit xD Banging away on the Xylophone 

Hmm, seems the beater is food lol

Cosmina giving Miley some love the poor little thing is feeling neglected with all these kids around!

More toy fun for Celestine

She is one smart cookie, maybe one day she will be a doctor :D

But enough of playtime, girl needs some skillz, like learning how to walk!

meanwhile Cosmina plays away happily in her bedroom

Its not long before Bloom has grown old, her lifetime wish achieved, 2 beautiful daughters!

But still ... 2 very young daughters that require alot of her time lol

By the looks of thing Celestine dosen't want to learn how to talk :S

So to bed she goes ... or does she

Cosmina just grew into a teenager and wants a cuddle from her little sister ...

Awww, the picture below is one of my all time favs!

Cheeky Celestine!

Oh oh, i dont think she liked that :S

She seems to like the new tree her Mum bought for the house. But he cannot eat those fruits just yet!

While Cosmina sits and watches TV very elegantly!

And yet more homework

a Girl needs good grades if she wants to be a leader of the free world!

bleug! But i dont wanna be a leader of the free world! I want to be a magician! o.o

Celestine on the other hand studies hard, she is determined to be a Doctor

Very Determined

And it is here, that we see the girls reach there young adult life stage.

The beautiful Celestine, with brilliant grades she finds herself able to follow her dream of becoming a world renowned surgeon

Cosmina ... or should i say, the Magnificent Cosmina went against her mothers wishes of her becoming a leader of the free world and she is following her own dream of being a Magician!

The girls share a little bonding moment before its time for Celestine and Bloom to move away, leaving Cosmina to the familys fortune and carry on the family name!


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