Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Magnificent Cosmina!

This chapter begins after Bloom and Celestine have moved out, leaving Cosmina, the 3rd generation Heir to work on her career and plan for her future, and of course, find herself a man!

Here she is, pulling off the classic 
flower trick as practice before trying 
her hand at wowing audiances simwide!

But ...
It didn't go very well
Silly Sausage she is!

 I think she got abit angry 
by the looks of this face!
Second try it is then!



Yeah, yeah. 
I am awesome! 

It has been her dream to be on stage, and finally, she had made it!

She had waited her whole life to be free to carry  out her dream.
And finally, she had the chance!  The venues in Lunar Lakes
were full  of her friends and family, eager to see her in 
in show. And boy, they were surprised at how 
amazing she had become, the practice sure
had payed off for our little Cosmina!

All that work amounted to alot of lifetime reward points ...

So Cosmina bought herself something shiney with the points. 30,000 points to be exact, but it was worth it!

What a beautiful Lamp! Lets give it a polish!


 It started to sparkle and shine!
What was going on, she didnt
know she could do this trick!


A very nice Genie ;)

Greetings! I am Spencer, the genie inside this lamp, and i grant you 3 wishes!

Wow, a real Genie o.o but what should she wish for?!

A longer life ... World Peace ...

And ...






Well not really, she wished for Spencer to be free, and lets just say he is rather greatful ;)

I don't think he expected to see this face


No one would be greatful for that xD

Cosmina had a gig that night, so after a quick tour with Spencer round his new home with her, she decided to jump in her limo and take off with him to the local Coffee House!

Spencer was mesmerized by the limo, he had never seen a limo before and was amazed by all the flashy lights and gizmo's.

Once they arrived she realised she was very early for the show.

They thought it would be a great idea to sing on the karaoke, but i didn't think it was a good idea. But hey, I let them anyways.

Lets just say there singing wasn't very good, but the expressions on their faces and dancing was very cute!

Can't you just feel the love between the two? D'awww!

Perhaps this a glimpse into things to come ;)

And the show begins!

The show begins well with some magic flower tricks and appearing objects, and Cosmina decides to show Spencer just how good a magician she is and what she can really do.

So during the show, she takes him into the Box Of Mystery!

And ... hes gone!!! Can i get an "ooh" xD

Ta daaa, hes back!!!

 I got them to take some pictures of their magical first day together. Arent they cute! Cosmina seems so much more grown up in the left picture with Spencer then she does her in solo pics to the right.

On their arrival home, Spencer serenades Cosmina on the drumkit as a thank you for the awesome day!

How sweet!

But once again,

I dont think he expected to see this face!

Looks like Cosmina and Spencer have gotten off to a great start!
Stay tuned for some more adventures from them!


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