Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cosmina and Spencer - Love Is In The Air

This chapter begins just after Cosmina and Spencer have grown into Adults

Cosmina runs home from her busy work hours as she wants to share something with Spencer.

But what? Good news? Bad news?


As soon as she arrives home she whisks Spencer into the back of her Limo and asks her driver to take them to the park.

The news cant be bad if they are going to the park, can it?

The Limo Drops the pair off at the Memories Of Hidden Springs park, central Lunar Lakes.

   Cosmina takes Spencer's hands and looks him right in the eye.

Spencer feeling abit nervous asks sheepishly "Cosmina, my love, what is this about, you have me worried? Are you ok?"

Her face lights with a bright smile as she looks to him with a loving gaze.
"Oh Spencer, I am fine! ... but i do have something i need to ask."

Spencer's nerves rise ever more, he dosen't like the sound of this!

"We are both adults now, you are my faithful companion and I, yours. I think it is time ... Time for us to search for a bigger house an start a family!"
Spencer was touched, his heart melted to be asked such a wonderful question, to not only be give the chance to move to a more magnificent house, but to start a family with his one true love.

"I think it is time too" He replied with a huge grin that went from ear to ear.

They kiss to seal the deal :P

A perfect memory as they stand before a glistening pond

And share there romance publicly for the first time!

In classic Spencer style, he serenades Cosmina,

His skills have improved majorly since he has been practicing! Well a guy has to if he wants to forfil his wish of being a one sim band :P

A moved Cosmina feels touched, a slight tear welling up in her eye as she looks on lovingly to her
wonderful Genie Lover.

"Everything, everything is perfect." She whispers softly under her breath, inching closer to him as he puts away his guitar.

"How about you and me get a bite to eat at the bistro, and celebrate!" he says to her.

"Sounds wonderful, my love"

The kiss once more, an ever so happy couple they are who are eager to house hunt and start a new chapter in there lives, a family oriented one!

 I love this picture, the views in Lunar Lakes.
 It is a Truely Beautiful Town 

Cosmina call her driver to come and pick the pair up from the park, they gather there things and themselves and get ready to pop into the Bistro for a bite to eat, another first for Spencer!

He seems rather excited about his first trip there and cant wait sample some fine cuisine. Cosmina is excited too, its been a long time since she has eaten out and is looking foreward to spending some time with Spencer.

Spencer orders a burger, yes they go out to eat and he orders a burger! The veggie Cosmina opts for a nice cheese platter.

"I am really happy about our plans for the future Cosmina"

"I can't wait!" She replies, "We should look for a house soon, we aren't getting any younger." She says with a laugh.

"So, how big a house should we look for?" he asks.

"I think a good size home, not too big mind you! 3 bedrooms?"

"3 bedrooms? How many kids are you planning?!" he laughs but has a slight worry.

"Oh, not many, but you do know my Mum was a twin, right? And they do say twins skip a generation ..."

Spencer just stays silent and carrys on with his dinner.

"The night is still young." a sly change of subject by Spencer" Lets go and chill out at the bar.

They went to the same bar that they went too after Cosmina released Spencer from the Lamp.

 "I can't believe we have never come back here as a couple. It seems like such a long time ago"

"I know, Spencer, I have just been so busy with work. But that has its advantages."

"Advantages?" He asks

"Well, with all the work I have done, and now that I have reached the top of my Career, I don't need to work as much, Love. So I have more time for you, and our family!"

They embrace, all this good news is almost too much, Spencer. He can't believe how perfect his life has become, thanks to his rescuer and Love, Cosmina.

"I can't believe it, just when I think i have heard the most wonderful news of where our life together is going, you surprise me even more! And yet i have no way to repay you for my freedom."

"Spencer, you do not need to repay me, your love is all the repayment I need."

D'awwww, Bless! And or course they kiss.

All this sappiness must be hard work

Because Cosmina needs a massage

There life together is truely perfect, and now with plans to move house to somewhere bigger, and start a family. there life couldn't be better. And I am sure, Bloom, will be looking down upon her daughter, so proud to see her making plans for the forth generation, in the Nova Legacy!


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