Wednesday, 2 May 2012

With A New Home, Comes New Life.

The next day, Cosmina and Spencer took a trip to VamPanda Destiny Real Estate to find a new home.
And this was the gem they found. 

Cosmina and Spencer needed to disscuss wither this was the house for them.

There were many points that needed to be considered with the move.  What money would they be spending, what furniture do they need to pack, or do they want to sell.  Is the house suitable for the cats and for

 children?  This house was a 20x40 lot, alot bigger than their previous 20x20 home.  It had many "pods" suitable for creating different area's.  Main area was furnished and decorated in a watermelon theme, It was different, that was for sure!  But it had a nice big kitchen, living area, gorgeous entry, a laundry and a toilet.  It was very spacious and meant that no one would be cramped.  The only other area of the house that had been decorated and furnished was the Master "pod".  The bedroom itself was a

nice cherry theme that Cosmina loved, and Spencer adored the Gummy Bear chair!  Miley also seemed content with the Master Pod as she snuggled up on the couch.  It also had a fully decorated bathroom, complete with bath and shower, plus his and hers sinks, how sweet!  And down a small stair case was an extra room that was attacked to the Master.  They both thought this would be perfect for a nursery so they could both be close to their babies!  The house also featured two other pods.  There rep from the real estate company said "You could either turn them both into separate suits, or, one suite for the kids and a party pod!"  A party pod? That sounds amazing! and just shy of $94,000 ... SOLD!

The house, in their eyes was a steal! And they bought it, packed their furniture and moved to the beautiful craters of Lunar Lakes.

Unpacking was a tiring task so they sat down for a nice meal together in there new home. Looks like Dutchess wants some noms too!

They slipped away into the bedroom and looked out through the window upon the beautiful views of the town. "everything is perfect"

Love was definatly in the air!
 Another perfect moment!

Its almost as if these moments are scripted :P

The decided to move to the bed, perhaps a little bit of a house warming was in order?

They were both a little nervous, it was their first time 
afterall :P

 they gazed into one another eyes, a delicate kiss to 
 seal the unspoken deal. It was time.

The rose petals shot into the air, the hearts began to flow and of course the giggles and whispers could be heard all round.

Luckily there new home was rather rural so no neighbors to hear :P

 Lets just say they had lots of fun under those sheets and were quite tuckered out by the end. The nice 
 comfy new mattress ensured that they both soon fell into a deep slumber.

Goodbye sunshine and hello to the Land of nod!

Another picture i love
Sleeping so sweetly together

And where exactly is she running too?

Is she ...

Is she ...

Oh my gosh!

I think she is!!

That or she ate some meat :S

The next day, it was official.
The next Nova was on its way!

"Spencer!" She called

He stood still, in shock at first as he noticed her change of clothing.

"I'm Pregnant!"

Spencer was so happy to hear the news, he was going to be a Daddy! With his hand caressing her shoulder he said.

"I can't believe it, all our dreams are comming true!"

He gently rubbed her swollen belly, he could practicly feel the heart beat inside.

"Our very own baby, Spencer, one of our very own!"

 They held hands and smiled to one another, in awe of there achievement.

The forth generation of Nova would soon be here and Cosmina could not be happier to be starting her own little family with her darling, Spencer.

TV is so boring!
 I love this picture because it does look like shes yawning because of the TV

Spencer sensed Cosmina's feelings and the two cuddled on the couch.

Her eyes felt heavy so she closed them and took a deep breath.

"Not long now and our child will be here" She said

"And i can't wait to meet our baby"

And i don't think they bargained for what was about to happen.

She looked to Spencer.

"I don't feel so good"

"What is wrong?"

"something feels, something feels ..."






Who would have guessed the baby would arrive at that sweet sweet moment? Looks like its time for the hospital and for us to meet the new arrival ... in the next chapter :P



  1. Hello :O) just want to say i loooooooove it :O) and good job :O)

  2. Thank you Leep! Mean alot to me to know that someone is reading and enjoying it xD