Thursday, 3 May 2012

Meet The New Arrivals - Gen 4

After a long and tiring birth, Cosmina and Spencer return home from the hospital, very proud a they hold their twin daughters!

Everybody welcome
Desire and Destiny!

 "I told you Spencer, twins run in the family!"

They arrive to their new home up in the craters of Lunar Lakes, each holding a bundle of joy.  To perfect little blue cherubs, wrapped in pretty pink blankets. Spencer couldn't be more proud of his wonderful other half.

"My love, I thank you.  Not only have you given me an amazing life, but you now have given me a beautiful family." He says to her while gazing down at his daughter, Destiny.

They retreat into their home and settle the girls down in the newly decorated nursery.  It seemed only appropriate to have a candy themed nursery!

"I love you."

After a few heartfelt moment and tears of joy it's feeding time for the new arrivals. Cosmina still cant believe what she has achieved and is stunned that she gave birth to not one, but two beautiful little girls.

Spencer the proud father just looks on lovingly as he helps feed his little girls.
No words were poke throughout the first feed, but no words needed to be.  The atmosphere couldn't be more perfect.

Afterall, they should enjoy these moments.  Because it won't be long before the sleep deprivation kicks in and they will be longing for these quiet moment!

Before long the girls have grown to Toddlers!
Ah, they grow so fast!

Cosmina takes hold of her precious little Desire.

It's time to learn some life lesson, and the first lesson is how to talk!

Teaching Desire to talk was ... well a challenge. She was very head strong and didn't want to copy her Mother.
Instead she would rather sit and pull faces while making senseless chants in baby talk.

It was hard task and took a few days, But Comina finally manged to get Desire talking, but soon wished she hadn't bothered.

"I WANT CANDY!" Is all they would hear ...

Destiny on the other hand was a dream to teach!

Spencer got this little smarty talking in no time.

He sat her down in the bedroom, away from her tantrum ridden sister and he patiently helped her in learning the hard task of Simlish. 

His patience and quiet atmosphere definatly payed off as Destiny was talking within a day!

Although it wasn't exactly easy, Destiny seemed to get very bored very easily leaning such easy words and seemed more content in learning more advanced words.

A little genius we much have!

A proud Daddy with his little genius
 Who knows what she could achieve!

 Destiny's hair is possible her most striking feature, and is one that comes all the way down through the family tree from Great-Grandma Aurora Nova! She also has purple eyes which I think have come from her Granddad.

She is very cute and i really do love her purple eyes, although saying they came from Granddad is just a guess! lol.
 Desire on the other hand this dark brown, slightly blondish color hair. That i have no idea from but i suspect it's a mix of her red headed Great-Granddad Liam, and blonde haired Dad, Spencer.

She also has gorgeous deep green eyes that are defiantly from her Great-Granddad Liam, and i love them!

Cosmina holding Desire
Shes a cheeky monkey!

Next task is to get the girls walking! Cant be healthy adults if they don't know how to walk!

Spencer takes Destiny into the bedroom again. This technique seems to work quite well!

A few stumbles and a few bumps but Destiny is determined to learn.
Shes such and eager little girl!

With alot of help and encouragement, she soon masters the art of walking.

This girl is going to go to high places when she is older, i can just feel it!

 Meanwhile in the nursery, Cosmina takes Desire to teach her to walk.

Again, the little devil puts up a fight and just wants Mum to do everything for her, shouting that she wants this and that.

But Cosmina takes her time, trys hard not to loose her tempter, and soon gets Desire into the swing of things!

It takes longer than with Destiny, again, but eventually it is done and Desire is talking...

But its hard going, now shes walking and talking she can follow Mum and Dad everywhere and demand things all the time ... Thankfully they have lots of stairs to stop her going everywhere ;)

The girls socialise over the block table
And it isn't long before they are friends!

The girls are growing up fast. Such a beautiful pair of twins!
Destiny seems to be one smart cookie!
But Desire, well, she seems abit of a Diva, huh?
Only time will tell how these 2 little beauties turn out ;)
So stay tuned!


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