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The Honeymoon - Part 2

The Honeymoon - Part 2
It Was The Last Legs Of Their Honeymoon, Soon They Would Have To Get Back To Reality.

 The morning was met with a burning hot sun that shone right across Licentia.  It was boiling!

The great thing about traveling and being a genie, is that Destiny can simply summon some food whenever they need it.

So they had a perfect and refreshing Autumn Salad for breakfast.  That should sustain them for the day.

The other great thing about being a genie was that she could magically clean herself and Rhys.  Destiny was definatly the best companion for traveling!

After breakfast Rhys got right back to harvesting grapes.  He wanted a good stock to take home so they could plant them, and try to grow them.  And if successful, make their own wonderous nectar!

Destiny had already bought the Nectar Machine.

Destiny wanted to find the ke for that door that got her stuck the previous day!

She had found a secret door in the basement, that lead to a small corridor, and then into another small room which had a treasure chest.

Ancient coins and rare gems!  Wonderful!  These were sure to fetch a pretty penny.

Destinys Adventure was a Dead End
So they decided to leave.

 They were planning to go to that lovely little coffee shop, but first, museum time!

Yes this was an exciting place for them to go.  This museum was dedicated to famous events in Earthlings History.  So for Destiny this was an amazing experience.

She had only heard tales of things that had happened in the past on Earth.

But now, she would get to see it!

She really liked the tales of Chinese History.  Something about it was very different and unique.

The artifacts and statues the museum had from the era was wondrous.

Destiny only wished she could of taken them home!

But Destiny was Evil, not a klepto!

everything was so perfectly designed.  Every little detail chiseled with care.  It was astonishing.  She had never seen anything quite liked it.

For Rhys, this was abit boring, but he did enjoying watching Destiny get excited at every turn as her eyes feasted on the wonders of Earth.  He couldn't wait to take her down their one day.

Coffee Time!

 Destiny wasn't very adept at use a coffee maker.  Yes they had to make their own coffee, its Sims, duh!

The steam spurted right in her face and that made her angry!  Hulk smash puny coffee maker!  Nah just kidding!  But she did get really annoyed.

Rhys just stood and laughed.  "I will make the coffee, ok?"

Destiny found a seat and awaited her coffee.  She felt abit silly.

"Thank you"

The happy coupled enjoyed their hot beverage.  A sly glance and a wink crossing the table as they conversed of their time in Licentia.

They were having such a good time, that they had planned to travel again sometime.  Perhaps out in the Keplar Desert.

Attention was being drawn to Destiny.  Natives weren't very common in Keplar anymore.  They had been run out by the earthlings and living in their own private community's.  So seeing a real "alien" was quite out of the ordinary.

Lots of Earthlings were taking her picture, whispering and pointing.  It was really starting to grate and making Destiny quite paranoid!

Time to go back to the chalet!

Relaxing In The Hot Tub
Absolute Bliss

2 Days left of their trip and it was time for some sight seeing to the max!

Destiny didn't know if she would ever get a chance to come back here and wanted to see everything!

Rhys on the other hand knew they would end up coming back here, but just played along.

First stop was the graveyard.  Yes, the graveyard.

Many famous Earthlings had been burried here.

Destiny browsed around, looking at the tomb stones and messages left on them.  The graveyard was place in a surprisingly happy type of place.

It was full of plants and wildlife.  So colorful!  Completely different from the graveyard back home in Lunar Lakes.  This place was just beautiful.

Rhys had spotted some tombs at the back of the lot and was intrigued.

"What do you think is in there?"

"Corpses of course!"  Destiny said with a sense of shock in her voice.

"Possibly, but why is there a secret switch to one of these tombs just over there?"  He pointed to the switch he saw on the ground.

And there it was, under some grass and leaves.
A secret switch!

 Destiny wanted nothing to do with this.

There was tomb raiding, and there is tomb raiding!

A heavy clunk was heard and a short, sharp squeak.  A door had opened.

Rhys being his brave self took it upon himself to do the investigating, as Destiny was too chicken.

"I am not chicken!"

Ok, ok, whatever you say :P

Rhys gently placed his hand one an old stone box.

It wasn't a tomb, or atleast he didn't think so.

It was a treasure chest!

The lid was heavy.  It took quite the effort to be able to start prying it open.  A golden glow began to seep out the small gap he had made.  What was it?

Ancient coins.  Lots and lots of ancient coins!  They were rich ... sorta.  They couldnt actually do anything with their coins as they had not took on any formal adventures to earn visa points for the town.  But, these coins may come in handy for future generations!

Destiny Had Left Rhys Some Cake
She Was Reading On Her Tablet In The Garden

 It was a yummy chocolate sponge.  Destiny didn't usually leave food laying around for him.  They always eat together and its usually Autumn Salad.

Destiny puts on weight easily so its salad every day of the week!

The cake itself was very nice.  But the filling tasted abit off.

Strange.  Destiny always summons perfect food.  Its a perk of being a Genie.

But something wasn't right.  Soon Rhys tummy began to ache.

"Whats happening"  He cried as the pain began to build.  The pressure, it was like his stomach was about to explode.  What was going on?

Soon the pain had begun to get too much.  Destiny could hear him shouting and she came running in.

"Rhys?  Rhys whats wrong?"

"The cake, what did you put in the cake?"  He asked with a soft voice as if it were a struggle to utter each and every word.

"What cake, I didn't summon cake."

Destiny, hadn't infact summoned any food.  There was a note on the plate.  "Happiness is not for an Emperor of Evil"  It read.

 The Cake Was Poisoned.

 Her crys of adoration for him were too late.  The poison has already set in and his life force had dwindled.

Rhys was dead.

Destiny began to feel something she had never felt before.

Her chest ached.  What was this unidentified pain?

It was as if her heart were about to stop.  About to cease its existence.

Her eyes began to well.  What had just happened was beginning to set in.  And yet Rhys, did not know what had happened.

The tears began to stream down her face.  She had lost the one thing in her life that was most dear.  Her Husband.  He was that one thing that could not be replaced.  And he was taken away from her so prematurely.

As the reaper came to take him away she sobbed.  She now knew what this unidentified feeling was.  It was the feeling of heart break, and she could feel her heart begin to crack and slowly each piece begin to fall apart.

Her body began heavy as each muscle began to deplete of its energy.  She fell to the floor.  Her tears falling around her.  Time felt so slow, she could see each drop crash to the ground, echoing her sorrow.

He Was Gone.
He Was Really Gone.

Her life was ruined.  And it was someones intention to do so.  Someone knew of her career and of her personal life.  Who would do such a thing?
She didn't even get to say goodbye.



  1. Panda whyyyy?!

    I did NOT see that coming!!

    (not a bad thing, lol)

    Great work! :)

    1. Lol Madi xD

      Everyone has been quite shocked about my decision. But there is method to the madness! Stay tuned!