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The Honeymoon - Part 1

The Honeymoon - Part 1
Perfection In Its Finest Form

 Rhys and Destiny slept like a baby after their wedding.  They were so tired by the time that they got home that they didn't have time to do much else ;)

After cleaning the house with her genie powers and putting in abit of hard graft in the vegetable garden, Destiny got around the booking their flight to Licentia.

Licentia is a romantic holiday destination about 2000 miles away, closer to the center belt of Kepler-20 E, so it is nice and hot!

They had enough time to pack some more summery clothes and a few other bits and pieces before they needed to jump into Rhys' car and set off for the airport.

They were both very excited!

This was the first time Destiny would be traveling away from Lunar Lakes, infact, she is the first of her family to travel away from the small town!

Rhys was so happy to be able to share this experience with his new wife.  although he had traveled before, alot, this was a special experience for him.  And the first time he would be visiting the town of Licentia.

Destiny had booked them a Chalet to rent for the 6 days they would be staying.  It was a quaint little place and a bargain to be staying inn for their honeymoon!

 A quick change was due into some more comfortable clothes that were suitable for hot climate.

And of course a trendy hat, because, yah know, hats are awesome!

"I have never been so far from home, and yet, I do not miss it."  She whispers to him while brushing some of his bright pin and purple hair away from his eye.

He smiles to her,  "I love you so much Destiny, My Wife.  I cannot believe we are finally wed, we have our whole lives together."

She laughs softly as she gazes into his eyes.  Those eyes so beautiful, so bright.  She hopes their children have his eyes.  "And I, love you, my dear Husband."

Things really begin to get a little more steamy between them.  They had been dying for some privacy.

It isnt long before the kisses begin.

New love eh!

Who would of thought that Destiny would of bagged herself a man, let alone get married.  She was such a career oriented woman.  She still didn't know how to tell him of hat her real career was.

Perhaps she wouldn't need to?

**Sticks On Abit Of Barry White**
"Lets Get It Onnnn, Ahhhhh!"

 After their ... undercover expedition should we say. They decided to get get cleaned up, which involved another expedition in the shower!  ((Rolls eyes))  And then they got dressed.

Rhys went to bring the car round as Destiny put on her shoes and hat!  She really liked her new holiday look!

They decided to go and check out the local shops.  They had heard that there was lots of new things that they could could to take home!

They bypassed the cafe, as they were not hungry, nor thirsty.  So that would be a trip for another time!  Since the shops were all layed around a square they decided to walk round to the next shop.  It was a book shop!

The bookshop had some new and interesting story books.  It also had nectar making books, oh Destiny had to get herself some of those Nectar books!  The famous Licentia Nectary was one of the main stops on their visit!  Rhys also told her to pick up some of the local recipe books.  Destiny was a genie, what did she need recipe books for?

Oh well, she bought them anyways.  It wasn't like she as short of money.

Next stop was a relic shop!  Well, its called a shop.  It's more like a museum.  Yes it had some relics for sale, but not many, and none Destiny was interested in.

Destiny had her eyes on one vase in-particular.

What a stunning blue vase!
Destiny wanted one!

 Rhys wasn't so impressed with the vase.  No taste!

Next stop round the shopping square was the general store.  This was the store to shop in!

If they were planning and adventure they would need some of the items sold here.  Also, they have some fun souvenirs.

Rhys was very excited about this store, he wanted a tent.

Destiny on the other hand wanted an incense burner.  If she was going to be living with a man she would need something nice in the bathroom to keep those smells at bay!

She bought both the tent and the incense burner, so they were both happy!

She also bought a beautiful chest!

It was hand crafted from the finest mahogany.  With the most stunning gold finishings.  This would be perfect for them to keep their keepsakes in that they wouldn't be able to find room to display.

Afterall, her apartment was only small, and already full of stuff!

It wouldn't be long before they would have to start searching for a bigger home.  Especially if they want children.

They Return To The Chalet With Lots Of New Stuff
Just Look At That Bathroom!

They turn on the stereo and have a boogy.  These 2 do sure love to dance!

The chalet was so beautiful Destiny wished it were her home.  It as so perfect.  But the cost!  Oh my.  To buy all this stuff would be a small fortune, and she didn't have that much money!

"Today has been great, hasn't it?"  He asks with a naughty grin.

"Just perfect."  A light suspicion in her voice.

"Quite." He laughs.  His hand creeping behind his back.

Destiny slides back a step slightly, what was he doing?

He leans back and appears to grab something...

"Pillow fight!"  and he cracks Destiny right square in the head.

"RHYS!"  She retaliates with a smack against the ear.

Children, children. :P

Its not long before they are worn out and slip into bed.  The sun has long since set, the stars shine brightly and the noises of the night can be heard far and wide.  It was defiantly sleep time.  They have both had a fantastic day.

A New Day Awaits!
Its Nectary Time!

 Destiny knew exactly what she wanted to do as soon as she got their.  Make Nectar!

She had brought some of the family fruit with her just for this purpose.

Destiny thought it would be a good idea to use some of the fruit that wasn't  perfect yet in her first try.  Atleast then if she messed up it wouldn't be too much of a waste.

She had gotten a little time to read her nectar making book.  So she atleast had 1 skill point in the subject.

After picking her blend of 8 apples to 2 grapes it as time to do some stomping.

The fruit needed to be broken down into a fine sludge in order for the machine to be able to process it into the nectar.

It was hard work all the stomping, but she knew it would be totally worth it to have a brew of her own homemade nectar.

After stomping it down she needed to play with the buttons and levers to get the machine to do its thing. Exactly what she was pressing and pulling, was anyone's guess.  Yay for not knowing what you are supposed to be doing.

But whatever she did seemed to of worked, because the machine was churning the fruity goodness into something new.

Meanwhile:  Rhys Had Payed A Fee To Do Some Fruit Picking
Anything He Picked He Could Take Home.

 While the nectar was being made Destiny wandered down into the basement.

It was full of nectar racks with bottles that were covered in dust.  They must of been very old!

Destiny had found some kind of pool, it was glowing purple color.  Maybe it was a hot tub?

She jumped in ... and she drifting down and down and down!

This was not a hot tub.

Luckily she had taken a deep breath before she jumped.

She had finally reached the bottom.  She had put her hands and feet on the bottom so she could push herself back upto the surface.  And she felt something.

She picked up the bag she could feel at the bottom of the pool and used her legs to push herself back up.

She shot up with quite a force and kicked her legs to her help her get to the surface quicker.

She took a huge breath when she finally got up.  Phew!  If she wasn't already blue she would probably be looking abit blue!  In the bag was a bottle of old nectar.  Score!

 Over at the other end of the basement, Rhys was practicing his drink making skills.

The Nectary wasn't just famous for its Nectar, but for its Nectar making and mixology classes.

There was no lesson on today though, which made Rhys a little but sad as she was really wanting to do a Mixology class.  But non the less, the bars were open for anyone to use.  So he made himself a drink.  And a few other people a drink ...

Drinks all round!

He definatly deserves a drink after all that grape picking.

The Nectary offered grapes that were no available in the rest of Kepler-20 E.  But he was sure that Destiny would like to try her hand at growing them anyways.  Even though the experts say that the rest of the planet is not warm enough.

He was quite impressed with his blend.

He had made drinks before a couple of times, but none were as sweet and delicious as this.

Perhaps he had found his new calling?

Destiny Had Found An Inscription
She Wondered Why There Was A Plague Here

 After reading the inscription, she heard a heavy metalic sounds.

All of a sudden, dust and a few pieces of loose rubble fell, and a part of the wall started to move.

It was a door!

Destiny had found her first tomb.
 It was Adventure Time!  Ad her first port of call was to pick up some treasure that was left in the first room of her adventure.

There was an ingot, a silver ingot.  That must have some value.

And a lovely golden vase!

Destiny was excited.
 She saw another suspicious wall down the corridor.

She did a little investigating on the wall.  Nothing really happened.

She got frustrated, knowing it must be a door too, and she kicked it.

Again that heavy metallic sound was heard and the wall began to move.
 It was a door afterall!  She just needed a good hard bang!

Inside was a small room.  There were some ancient coins, maybe worth a few simoles?  And a chest.

Inside the chest she found and ancient relic and some more nectar, Yay!

She had quite the nectar collection growing.
Further down the corridor was a bright room.

It was filled with extreamly old nectar racks and bottles.

Some of these could of been good, right?

The door ahead was locked.  Dead end.

Shame, she was enjoying her adventure!

It was getting very late
So after telling Rhys of her adventure, they decided to camp at the Nectary.

Everything was going swimmingly.  And Destiny even had her own mini adventure ... While Rhys had a little too much nectar.
They rested their weary heads in their tent.  Another amazing day!
The perfect honeymoon?  So far, Yes.


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