Tuesday, 15 May 2012

At One With Destiny? Or Fall For Desire?

The time has come. Cosmina and Spencer have made their decision.

 Desire looks on, smug.  Knowing that her hunger for fame will see her inherit the family fortune.  Destiny just sits there thinking "What is the point?  We all know Desire will be the heir!"

"Ok, so who is going to do this?"

"Cosmina, this is your families fortune, you should, My Dear."

Destiny sits unamused by the spectacle, everyone knows who will take the family fortune.

"Ok, ok i will do it, Spencer."

Destiny really isn't convinced that some kind of family meeting to announce the heir to the family thrown will do any good.

Desire looks to her sister, sensing some frustration.  She tries to keep her excitement concealed as she doesn't want to upset Destiny.  She is pretty confident that she will be the chosen heir!

"You father and i have been talking.  And this decicion has not been easy, let me tell you!  But we have come to our decision girls."

Desire's heart begins to race, just waiting for them to say her name.

"Destiny.  You are so smart, so humble and we know you will go to some extraordinary places.  We have chosen you!"

Spencer sits down beside Desire
Knowing she will be upset.

"Dad, I can't believe this.  I thought you would have chosen me?"  Desire exclaims, hand on heart as shock hits her like a brick.
Destiny is silent.
"Destiny?"  Her Mum asks.  "Are you alright My Dear?  Stunned to silence?"
She was stunned alright.
"Mum, I don't know how to say this ... but i don't want to be the heir."
"Excuse me?!" Cosmina was confused.
"Mum, I was convinced you would pick Desire.  I dont want fame!  I always thought that.  So I started planning my future ..."
"Destiny,  I can't believe you thought that?"
Spencer and Desire sit and listen.
"Well I did.  Mum i don't want this, let Desire have the crown.  I just want a normal job ... a stable job ... something I enjoy."
Cosmina sighs.  She dose't know what to do.

Destiny, being a Mastermind, came up with a plan on the spot.
"I think we can work with this."

Still befuddled, the family listen to what Destiny has to say.  She is the smart one afterall.

"Normally, the heir inherits the house and the family fortune right?  And the heir is to keep the family name running.  Well, i have a proposal."

Her Mum listens intently as Desire becomes ever more confused.
"Desire, you will live here, in the family home with Mum and Dad.  You can carry out your career and bring all the fame to the family name you want!"

Her sister smiles, but Desire was never a bright spark and needs more explanation.

"And I will move out.  With the fortune."
Destiny hugs her sister, she turns to her Mum to say.

"I think this is the best way, and keeps us both happy.  It also means that you and Dad won't need to move out of the home you worked so hard to get!"

"That is a fantastic idea, my wonderful daughter."

Looking for the perfect place
But does it exist?

Her dreams are finally beginning to come that of reality.  Phase one of her plan is to find herself her own home that is secluded enough that she can keep out of the spotlight.

She grabs the paper and begins to read whats on offer in Lunar Lakes.

Something catches her eye.
She decides to phone the number attached. 

Not that she has much choice, it is this or a 8 bedroom mansion, and somehow I don't see a 8 bedroom mansion being enough out of the spotlight.  

"Oh, hello i saw your add in the paper for the 1 bedroom apartment?  I would like to know a little more about it."
"Hello there! Thank you for inquiring.  The apartment is a garage apartment, so not a housing block. It has 1 bedroom and 1 bath.  Nicely decorated and you have full access to the garage and garden."

It is this, or a mansion.

"I'll take it!"

She packs her clothes and calls a cab
She says goodbye to her family for the last time.

Arriving at her new home she is pleasantly sursprised.  It was a gamble to buy a home without even looking at it, but she didn't really have a choice.

Her new place was deep in the foresty craters of Lunar Lakes and situated right by the top of the waterfall.

It was a great location, and great first impression.

She couldn't wait to get inside.  Perhaps the outside had no reflection on the inside and she would hate it?

Only one way to find out!

Her genie senses flew her to her new front door, she took a deep breath as she opened it.
The entrance lead straight into the garage.  Not a big deal, but when she is seeing her new home for the first time, abit of an anti-climax!

There was space for 1 vehicle.  A small workshop area with tools and a treadmill.

It was good to know she would have a place to keep a mode of transport.
She walked through the glass archway that lead to the staircase that would take her into her new home. 

And wasn't she amazed when she saw a little office area with state of the area computer. 

Suddenly her heart started to beat faster with excitement and anticipation.
And just to the side was another archway to a cute little laundry nook.

She certantly didn't expect that!

It was uniquly decorated and she like it!

It also had potential to extend the office area or to create an art room!
She climbed the stairs and infront of her behind a stunning glass door was her new bathroom. 

And wow was it spectacular.

Shower AND bath! All decorated to a nice dark palette, perfect for her evil showers

This was exciting!

Next she ventured into the living space.

It was jaw dropping!  absolutely stunning.  She couldn't believe it.

A cute little kitchen nook with dining out on the balcony.  And the most incredible sofa she had ever seen, that sat proudly infront of a glorious HD TV.  She was in awe.
And when she went to the bedroom, well that did not disappoint!

It was dark, evil and girlie!

She absolutely loved it.

Seeing, truly is, believing!

It was time to relax in her new home
Just check out those views! living in seclusion has its perks!

And  to top it off, out in the "garden area" as the estate agent called it. Was her own private pool and greenhouse!
Destiny was one happy girl!

For now she will relax in her new place.  But tomorrow, she is taking a trip ... to find a job!
And she knows exactly where she will be going!

<insert evil grin>


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