Thursday, 17 May 2012

Climbing Up The Ladder, Then Stealing It!

After a good nights sleep in her new home, its time for Destiny to venture out and get herself her dream job!

 Its a beautiful day in Lunar Lakes.

Destiny calls herself a cab as she looks out at the glorious vie from her front door.

It sure is great living in the mystical forests of Lunar Lakes.

The Taxi ride seems to pass so fast, she doesn't even know what she is going to say yet!

Standing infront of of what just seem to be an innocent building ... But Destiny knows what it really is.

She walks in, takes a deep breath and approaches a reception area.  She knows the deal.

"I would like to speak to the Emperor of Evil please." She says confidently.

The girl at the desk just smiles and winks.

She is soon lead into a room.  She stands before the Emperor.

What happens next just seems like a blur, all she remembers is "You start Tomorrow, 3pm Sharp."

She gets herself a cab ride home
Time to relax with a Tabcast

 She absolutely loves her MultiTab!  A shout out to pnoles for the awesome set that it came with! <3

She switches her Tab to a gardening cast.  Gardening has been in the family from the beginning and as the true Heir she must keep up the tradition.

"Pfft I don't have time for gardening.  I will just learn the skill from TabCasts and start a garden when i have more spare time."

Her career comes first, and rightly so!  She plans to get to some high places ;)

A dip in the pools seems a great way to refresh herself and thing about what she has in store for her Career choice.

Starting out in the bottom of the ranks isn't great.

 But Destiny knows if she works hard she will soon be taking her Bosses place, as the Emperor Of Evil!


As the sun begins to set on Lunar Lakes, Destiny lays in her sun lounger, with an Evil Grin.

She is right on track!

Its a new day for Destiny
And her First day of Work!

Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine!

Destiny springs out of bed in her swimming gear that she fell asleep in.  Don't you just LOVE insane Sims!

Off for a good relaxing shower to get herself all cleaned up before changing into her new uniform.  She can't wait!

Yes, this is her uniform.

She cleans the house with her marvelous Genie skills so she has no work to do when she gets home.


Next to summon up some breakfast, hmmm what to have?


Yes that seems like a brilliant idea for breakfast!

She sorts out a plate with a muffin for herself and puts the rest away in the fridge for later.

Being a Genie truly has its perks.  Perfect food everytime!

Relaxing with breakfast and enjoying the view
This house, and this location, is just pure awesome!

And finally the time comes for her to take the plunge and venture off to her new career.

As she leaves her front door and follows the sound of a car horn, she is feels a little dissapointed by the car that has come for her.

But hey, its her first day, and she is bottom of the ranks, what is to be expected?  A Limo?
She greets her driver who will be driving her to her work everyday.

So what if the car isn't a great one ... at all.  Sh has her own driver to take her too and from work!  That's far better then Taxi's everywhere.

They share come pleasantries as they drive down to her place of work.
The nerves begin to build as she approaches the glistening teleportation entrance that will take her down to a hidden bunker where her new work mates will be waiting for her.

She hopes she can impress her boss!

She takes a deep breath, and takes the plunge.  Here we go!

It looks like she made a great impression on her first day
Her first promotion, on her first day!

Hmm, how to celebrate?

Yes, yes lets donate to undermine "Protesters without a cause".  Evil sims are ... well, evil!

From the look of things she perhaps feels a little guilt, but it is only her first evil donation to undermine a charity.  :P

I'm sure she wont feel bad next time!

Next she definatly needs to sort out that uniform!

So its a short trip up the spiral staircase and into her bedroom.

"If i want a new outfit, I need a new hair style to match!"

So after a few hours its settled.

"This, is my new work outfit!"

Time for a celebratory dance me thinks!

Destiny sure seems pleased with herself, and I am too.  The uniform they gave her was aweful!  So being able to pick a new uniform for herself was a great feeling!

Time for a quick posing session before bed.
Its been a wonderful day, and she can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

The early hours of the morning are disturbed as her security alarm goes off.

The sound is deafening and she jumps out of bed to investigate what is going on.

Perhaps its just a racoon?

Once she reaches the garage she see's that it is infact a burglar!

She rushes out of the way as her front door is swung open.

A police woman comes tearing in, a sight that Destiny had hoped not to be dealing with.

She stands and watches as the intruder and the police woman engage in a battle.
She really could of handled this by herself and feels bad for the burglar, but oh well.  hey were the ones that had broken into her home!

The police woman wins the battle and cuffs the filthy burglar, sending them outside.

The police woman needs time to inspect the damage to the property.

So Destiny treats herself to one of those muffins
Nothing like a blueberry muffin in the morning.

The police woman takes Destiny to the side.

"I am pleased to tell you nothing was taken during the robbery.  I hope that you are alright."

"Yeah I am fine thank you" Destiny replies.

She ushers the police woman out of her home and takes a deep breath.
Time for a nice relaxing run on the treadmill!

A girl has to work off those blueberry muffins somehow, and in the process get fitter for her job!

With a gardening TabCast playing nicely in her ear, its a great way to relax after a troubling night.

Especially with another day of work looming!

Second day of her career, and first day of her new position
She is extreamly happy to be showing off her new uniform.

And needless to say, her second day on the job didn't go too well.

She decided to do some side jobs for her boss ...

But her work day was cut short after she got caught on the job!

The police came to arrest her and she was taken to the police car.

She was cuffed and pushed inside.  She was a little on the side of scared and just wanted to go home.

The sirens blared as the car zoomed to the station, it was dark, it was cold and Destiny was feeling abit down about it.

But she wasn't going to let this one mishap ruin her career.

She spent the night exercising in her cell.  If she was going to be here she was going to use her time wisely!

Before she knew it, daylight was here and at 9am Sharp she was thrown out of her cell with a slap on the wrist.

She shattered and doesn't even make it in her house
She falls asleep on one of the sun lounger outside!

So her career has gotten off to a shaky start.  But she needs to start at the bottom in order to work her way up!  She is very pleased with her promotion so fast, but feels it will take a long time before she gets another.


Also, I thought I would share this message got got when he was taken to the station, because I thought it was hilarious!


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