Monday, 28 May 2012

The Rise of Evil

And finally, its time!

Destiny's dream are soon to be a reality, as she has earned a promotion that has given her the chance to forfil her evil lifetime wish!

She arrived home and she is pretty proud of herself. She has worked very hard to get to where she is today, and is 3 promotions away from becoming the Evil Emperor that she has always dreamed of.

But, 3 promotions is alot of work away!

Now, it really is time to do some hard graft and to impress her current boss.
A new look will defiantly help impress her boss.

She looks to sweet in her Indian style clothing her Mother got her, who needs culture huh?

A hair cut too should help impress! Her new lookswas defiantly a good idea.

Now for some rest.  She doesn't want to waste tomorrow as it's her day off.

Sleep is just what she has earned
Promotions are had to get these days!

Morning approaches, well morning for Destiny anyways, and its time to freshen up.

After a nice relaxing showing she treats herself to some fresh and yummy Autumn Salad.

She enjoys it out on the balcony, looking out to those stunning views and she wonders what she will do today.

Once finished she gets up, looking over the bars that restrict her.

"I think I will venture into town today."

But why would Destiny need to go into town?

She stood and thought of why should need to go out, she really didnt have much of a reason to.

But something was telling her to go.

"I know, I will sell my Microwave, i never use it anyways."

So it was settled.  Destiny was going to go into town to sell her microwave...

She was sure determined to get out!

On arrival at the store ... she see's it
She see's why she was called into town!

 She must have that bike! And she must sell her microwave! She ventures into the consignment store and looks for the proprietor.

How cool will she look going to work on a Motorbike?  That will defiantly impress her boss, lets just hope she can afford it.

"Hello, I see the motor bike outside is for sale?"

"Ah yes, a beauty isn't she?  $4,200, a bargain if you ask me."

That was alot of money, but Destiny didn't need much time to think, she really wanted it and deserved to treat herself.

"That sounds alright.  Also i was looking to sell my microwave."

The woman leads Destiny over to a stand full of kitchen appliances.  It is there, she see's something else she must have!

"How much for the ice cream maker?"

"Tell you what.  If you buy the bike, i will give you a direct trade, the ice cream maker for the microwave."

They shake hands and make the deal
Look at me, zooming on my new bike!

 She zoom, zoom, zooms her way home.  She can't wait to drop off her new ride in her garage and make her way upstairs to play with her new appliance.

She whips it out of her inventory and places it on the bare counter where her microwave once lived.

She skips over to the fridge to grab a few ingredients.

Lucky for her the thing came with instructions on how to make awesome ice cream!

First, add the milk.  Then, add the sugar.Now to pick a flavoring.

Hmm, what to choose what to choose?


She throws in the packet of flavoring and presses the on button.

She watches the mixer go round and round and the soft creamy mix to combine and freeze into a yummy snack of awesomeness!

She can't wait!

Sherbet flavor ice cream
Its filled with soft and sugary goodness!

 She spends the rest of her day off relaxing.

She jumps out to the balcony out back and searches the stars.  Working on building up her logic skill as she is going to need it if she wants to reach the top of her career!

She discovers a new star!  She is so proud!
 After that awesome discovery its time to work off that ice cream!

She also needs to improve those athletic skills.  

A girls gotta be speedy to outrun the police and make sure she gets to keep all her swag!

She loves her career.

Its been a lovely relaxing day,
Now time to rest up for work.

 Its been a week and she has slowly moved up in the ranks, and today Destiny feels lucky!

She refreshes herself as she does everyday before work with a nice cool shower and a good brush of those teeth.

She can't help but feel she has got a little too much into a routine.

Ice cream for breakfast? I think so!

Although she feels lucky she also feels abit lonely, as if she has dedicated too much of her time to her work.

But she knew this is what she would have to do in order to get to where she wants to be.

Some strawberry flavor, nice and refreshing for what feels to be an important day.

She truly loves her ice cream maker, it was so worth the trade.

But the delicious home made ice creams somehow just doesn't fill that void she feels is missing.

Off to work she goes, the sound of her Motor Bike rumbling through the streets at stupid o'clock.  She is glad her neighbors don't know what she gets upto ...

Or so she hopes.

Standing outside before she is due to clock in, she feels nervous, its like her first day all over again.
This is it, this must be it.  Her heart tells her.

Walking into the teleportation device, beaming down to the bunkers below, waving to the receptionist as she says the secret password to get in.

"Oh Destiny, i am glad you have arrived, please follow me."  One of her colleges says as they lead her into the emperors office.

Destiny emerges a new woman, the words resounding in her head over and over.

"It is time for me to retire, and you my dear have proven to be a valuable asset, I pronounce you The Emperor Of Evil."

Her day had finally come.

She dreams of fortune
Her career goals, no forfilled.

 Its no secret my wonderful Destiny has worked very, very hard to get to where she is now.  But at what price?  As she sleeps her dreams are plagued with loneliness and sorrow.  She has left behind her family, she has made no friends, and love just seems to be a pipe dream.

Sure, money cant buy you happiness, but she would defiantly rather cry in a sparkly new sports car then on the rusty seat of a push bike!


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