Sunday, 3 June 2012

Life Is Peachy!

Work, Work, Work.  It's all about work.  And being asleep for most of the day doesn't help her get anything else done.

It is definatly time for a change of routine.  Going to bed after the garden blooms is not healthy!

Destiny goes to bed after work to try and work out a new routine so she can see more of the day.  All this being cooked up inside and only going out for work and grocery's is really getting to her.

Luckily she has the weekend off, so it gives her plenty of time to adjust and and not disturb her work!  Being the emperor of evil is tough!

A jog to the park is a great way to start the new day.  She wasn't awake early enough for her liking, she spent most of the night tossing and turning unable to sleep.

Down to the park she does.  "Memories Of Hidden Springs".  Her Mother and Father spent alot of time here while they were courting, so she figured this would be a good place to relax and perhaps find some friends.

Alas, it was an awkward time of day and no one around when she arrived.

She sat on a bench that was alot more comfortable than she expected and took in her surroundings.

The park was beautiful and full of color and life, completely different to her life and her home.

Perhaps it was her evil, driving people away?

Suddently, as if from nowhere, a stranger sat down beside her.  Dressed in a nice dapper suit and he looked abit down, abit like her.

She looked to the stranger, she couldn't help but wonder why he sat beside her ... and where he came from.

No one was in the park when she arrived and she didn't see anyone come in.

He moved as if he were about to get up and leave.

She let out a soft sigh, someone was actually close by and yet she still couldn't muster any words to start a conversation with the stranger.

For too long she had been career lead, and this had made social situations an unknown land to her.

"Ok so I sat along the river and I saw you.  I sat there and I wondered what I would say, I thought of all these lines, so so lame, I know.  But then I realized, that you are only human and I should just say.  Hi, my name is Rhys."

Destiny was surprised, but in a good way.  "Hi, my name is Destiny.  It is nice to meet you Rhys".  She smiled to the man who was no longer a stranger.

The pair conversed for over an hour.  But it was getting late.
So, Rhys asked Destiny for her number.  Yeah, like he was really going to call her.

 The next day is a sunny Saturday, and Destiny has no plans for today.  So she begins by getting in a little bit of hacking time.  A girl has got to pay off that bike somehow!

Her routine is definatly more stable now and she is awake at a decent hour, able to see the day.

And then, she is surprised...

Her phone begins to ring.  It can't be...


"Hey, Destiny?  It's Rhys from the park, how are you today?"

"I am great, thank you.  How are you?"  She replies, definatly in shock, she never thought he would call.

"Im good.  So, hey I was thinking.  Wanna meet up for a late lunch today?"

"Yes, I would love to!"

They were due to meet at 2.30pm outside Flying V's Coffee House.  Destiny was excited!  She needed to get ready.

He really left a good impression on her.

They meet outside the coffee house
Rhys is very happy to see Destiny.


"Hey, oh my gosh, I honestly didn't expect you to call, and then when you did I was like whaaa!"

He laughs,  "You are so funny"

She blushes at the sweet remark and the pair exchange pleasentries.  He is a really nice guy and she is very happy to be able to have someone to talk to.  Even her relationship with her sister has broken down over time.

"Lets eat, my treat!"  he says and ushers Destiny toward the entry to the Coffee House.  She had never been here before, but had heard plenty about it from her mothers tales of her career.

For some reason Destiny decided to change into her athletic wear and Rhys changed into a speedo ... to eat o.0  I guess that is one of the great things about Sims, you can control them but they do have a mind of their own!

The Late Lunch was lovely, although more like dinner time!  They each had a burger and chips, and shared a bowl of onion rings.  The meal was wonderful, and the company was even better!  Its so easy to make conversation with someone you have so much in common with.

She loved Rhys' spirit.  He was such a little rebel, but at the same time, inside he was a sweetheart who would do anything for his friends and for his family.  She really liked him.

Outside things were starting to heat up
Is somebody getting shy?

 "I have never met someone I have connected so much with.  Destiny you are amazing."

Her cheeks only continue to flourish, a bright rosey glow.  A sweet smile begins to cross her face as she looks to Rhys,  "I Think you are amazing too."

The both grin some cheesey smiles as they gaze to each other.  Soon the outing turns to more of a date and they can both feel it.

Although it is a cool evening, the heat is rising between them.

"It was only a few weeks ago when I landed in this planet, and I wondered if I has made a huge mistake.  I am beginning to think that I haven't."

"What, Rhys, has changed your mind?"

"I think Destiny has chosen this path for me."  he winks.  The soppy little joke makes Destiny giggle as she looks to him.

"I guess, so."  As she moves in closer to him.  He takes her hand and they embrace briefly, but it feels like forever.  He can feel her heart beating against his chest before she pulls away slightly ad plants a kiss upon his lips.

Everything was perfect.

The moment takes Rhys and he surprises Destiny
With a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

 A change of clothes (again) see's the pair off to Lunar Lakes Private Venue to shoot some pool.

The place is dead, so it gives them privacy to really talk and get to know each other that bit better.  Afterall, they don't really know much about each other.

Rhys tells a tale of his family bak down on earth, and that he came to Lunar Lakes in search of work.

Earth was in some kind of financial crisis and his family were struggling, so he figured that maybe he would have a better change of finding a decent job up here.  And he could save so much more as the cost of living here was alot cheaper than Earth.  Thankfully transferring money electronically works from world to world.

"Such a lovely tale Rhys, you care about your family so much!"  It made Destiny think of hers, and how she had basically turned her back on them.  "I guess you plan on going back someday?"

Rhys smiled, "That would all have to depend.  Afterall, my job could lead me to some amazing places that i may never be able to move back to Earth."  He winked as he does when he is being cheeky and Destiny felt her heart flutter.

She started to tell Rhys about her family.  How her Great-Grandma Aurora had to move away from her old home because of all the Earth Dwellers moving to the planet.  Rhys found it very interesting.

All seemed perfect for the pair
Destiny never thought she would find someone so amazing.

Everything was right on track.  Destiny was at the top of her career, her own boss.  She had found a wonderful man who had become her closest friend, and more.  Life, was peachy!


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