Monday, 4 June 2012

Things Can Only Get Better

Life was peachy for Destiny.
Being at the top of her career meant that she had plenty of time to forfil hobbies, catch up with her sister and spend time with Rhys!

She really felt happy.

 Destiny had finally found time to get to work on family garden.  It had been a tradition from the beginning of the families new life in Lunar Lakes.  So with a backpack full of preserved produce with high qualities, it was time to do her part!

Free time also meant that Destiny could do one of her other hobbies, reading.  She is a bookworm and loves to relax with a good book.  She had signed herself up for the Book Club when she first moved into her apartment, but hasn't had the time to read all the books they have sent her yet.

After some relaxing time to herself on such a lovely weekend, she takes the bull by the horns and gives Rhys a ring.

Destiny fancies a night out on the town, and who better to spend it with!

"Hey sweetie, I was thinking.  How about we hit that new pool club that's opened tonight.  Could be fun!"

"Ohh, I ah ... Yeah sure.  I was just going to call you ..."

"You were?  Are you ok, Rhys?

"Yeah, I am fine dont worry about it!  8pm?  You best get some rest, I can feel this being a late night."

That phone call seemed a little strange ...

They meet up outside the new Poolside Club
Destiny feels a little awkward after the earlier phone call.

 After changing into something more appropriate for the venue Destiny decides its time for a drink.  She needs ones.

She can't help but keep thinking about earlier, What if he was going to dump her?

She orders something strong.  Hopefully that would make him say what he wanted or needed to say.  She was worried.

The Mixologist was very nice and knew exactly what she was doing.  She pulled off some cool tricks and she made the drinks.

Destiny was impressed.

Maybe Mixology could be something she could take up when she retires?  She defiantly doesn't want t be working into her old age.  She wants to save and enjoy her life when she hits elder stage.  That is something she has learned from her ancestors.  They work too hard sometimes.

The drinks were made and they looked truly yummy!  She took a deep breath as she walked with the tray, down the stairs to find Rhys, he was dancing.

She really didn't know what he was going to say.  But she was convinced it was going to be bad.  Maybe he needed to leave for Earth?  Maybe he had a new job and wouldn't have time to see her no more?  Maybe he just didn't wanna be with her no more?
 She took the drinks down the stairs.  Each step she felt her heart beat.  She was nervous, something wasn't right.

"Here are our drinks, I hope you like it."  She says with a slightly shacky voice.

"Is something wrong, Destiny?"  He asks inquisitivly.

"Oh, I just thought you may of had something you wanted to tell me?  You seemed to be acting abit odd on the phone earlier?"  She braces herself.

"Oh ... no that was nothing, Babe.  Please don't worry.  I was just thinking of making plans for us tonight myself, that is all."

Destiny wasn't convinced but she figured if it were some kind of news he would of been honest and just come out with it then and there.  She wasn't prepared to let some paranoia disturb her evening with him.

Upon finishing their drinks, Rhys asks "Shall we step inside the photobooth and have our picture taken, a memento for today?"  A memento, memento of what?  But none the less Destiny kinda likes the idea of having a nice picure of the pair together.

The pictures were lovely, and she couldn't wait to put them up at home!

Destiny is honest and says how she is feeling.
She question is met  with abit of a cold shoulder, but he reassures her nothing is wrong.

 It was abit chilly as it was a cold night in Lunar Lakes, so they decided not to go for a swim while in the club.  So a change of clothes (again).

Rhys, had gotten changed into his suit, he sure liked that thing!  But Destiny thought tonight was just a casual affair...

They head on upto the bar.  Rhys embraces Destiny, whispering to her.  "I would never keep anything from you.  I hope you know that."

It was just what she needed to hear.  Although naturally, especially with her career choices, she was a little suspicious.  "I would hope you wouldn't keep anything important from me.  That would make me quite upset."

They continue to discuss their relationship and gain trust in each other.  Destiny was really into Rhys and didn't want to be broken hearted.  As it turns out, he is quite into her also.  She began to feel alot more secure, but yes, still thought he was acting a little suspect.

Since they weren't going to make use of the pool, perhaps a little dancing was in order.  The top floor of the place was converted into a dark room filled with awesome lights and all in blacklight!  It had a nice big dancefloor and since it was only Rhys, Destiny, The Mixologist and some random guy here, it was definatly and excuse to bust out some of those moves!

So off on upto the dancefloor they went!

It was a really colorful room!
But it worked, in a weird 70's disco kinda way.

 It was getting late and Destiny was thinking it would nearly time for home.  But Rhys anted to go to the park.  They had partied hard and it was dusk, why did he want to go to the park at such a strange time?

Anyway, they called a cab to take them to Memories Of hidden Springs park, the same park where they had met.

"Why are we here at such a strange hour, Rhys?  What is going on?"

"I just thought we could have some fun in the park.  We did meet here afterall, Babe.  You aren't quite tired yet, are you?"

"Well ... no I am not, but its very late."

"Come, I want to show you something."

Rhys leads Destiny over to a small bridge that crossed a small river that flowed through the park.  This area of the park was full of beautiful flowers and wildlife.  Exactly what she thought Earth should look like.

"Destiny,"  He puts his arms around her.  " We haven't know each other for very long, but i feel like i have known you my entire life and have just been waiting to find you.  I have never connected to someone like I have you.  You are beautiful, funny and oh so very intelligent.  In a nut shell, i think you are absolutely amazing, and I cant think what my life would be like if I were to loose you."

"I love you Destiny,"
"Will you marry me?"

 Destiny is shocked.  She can't believe what just happened.

This must of been why he was acting strange.  This must be what he was planning.  This is why he wanted to come here.

 He wanted to pop the question in the same place they had met.  He wanted them to start the new stage in their relationship in the same place it began.

She runs into his arm, overcome with excitement and joy.  She really can't believe it.  She is engaged. She is going to get married!

"Yes, yes of course I will marry you!"

No One in her family has ever gotten married before.  Her Mum and Dad came close, but just never had the time.

She really can't believe her luck.
Life is now perfect!

The future would now be full off wedding plans.  It would be a hard task, but she was so excited!  
Destiny could not wait to tell her Sister of the news.


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