Sunday, 10 June 2012

Midnight Cupcake Madness

It was Party Time in Destiny's Apartment
With the wedding on the horizon she decided to have a Bachelorette party!
It wouldn't be long before she would be a married woman, and living with her new Husband.  So it was time to celebrate her last days of singledom.

 Destiny wanted to have a themed party, she didn't want to have the standard style bachelorette party.

Thinking back to her childhood she remembers all the fun and games with her sister in their candy themed nursery and bedroom.  Since they had rekindled their relationship she wanted to use the candy as a theme.  It seemed fitting as her wedding would mark her growing into a woman!

So, it was set.  Destiny had decided to have a Midnight Cupcake party with her Sister and girl friends.  Her garage was so big it seemed fitting to us that for the party.  This was good because she could decorate how she wanted, and not how some venue tells her to.

She created a small bar area with an ice cream shop background and a huge sundae, making it look more like a ice cream bar!

She also used some of her Mums old stage props to make a nice little relaxing area beside the dance floor to rest their feet inbetween songs.

The finishing touch was some gumdrop tables and gummy bear chairs for the girls to enjoy their sweet treats that Destiny would be serving.

The garage was then painted blue, plastered with glow in the dark stars and AstroTurf put on the floor to give it that outdoors feeling.

Teddybears picnic anyone?  She really liked the job she had done on the room.

 Destiny knew that hosting a party would not be an easy job.  not only would she have to impress with entertainment and social skills but she would have to put on a nice feast for her guests!

So, what should a girl have at a Cupcake Party?

Well Cake of course!

Destiny did not have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen slaving over cakes.  She was a genie and could just simply summon some lovely treats just before the party begins so it would be nice and fresh for her guests.

Chocolate cake was the first thing that sprung to mind for the party.  Every girl loves chocolate, and every girl loves cake, so it was the perfect start to her spread.

Next it was time for some chocolate chip muffins!  usually Destiny partakes in a blueberry muffin, but she wanted to go all out to impress her guests.

And of course, she needed a show stopper in the food department.  She she summoned a perfect Backed Angel Food cake for her guests to nibble on once they arrive.

This was sure to fill her guests up and give them a nice warm feeling, and get them in the mood to boogy the night away!

The spread looked absolutely yummy!
She couldn't wait to tuck into it herself.

 She just had time to change into her candy inspired outfit and turn on the bubble machine when she heard the door go.

Her best friend Lacey who has been with her since she started her job and her friend Natasha who works on the reception in their building.

They were abit late but that didn't bother as she was cutting it fine anyways.

It was a candy party but they came more dressed or a funeral!  What was this!  Were they sad?

She wanted people to enjoy the Cakes before they got cold, so she and the girls tucked into the spread even thugh Desire hadn't arrived yet.  She knew her sister would be here soon and could just pick up something to eat when she came.

The cake was too die for!  Definatly the best thing Destiny had ever summoned.

The lights were dancing around the place, the bubbles were popping and he sparkles off the cake filled all with a nice feeling.  Destiny knew that the party would go well.  But where was her sister?

Lacey was always up for some fun.  So naturally she was the first to the bar to mix up some drinks.  Destiny was excited by this as she was not the best at making drinks.  But Lacey was a party girl and knew exactly what she was doing.

Not to mention she was a vampire ... so naturally she was more of a nightlife style person ;)

Lacey really liked what Destiny had done with the place.  It was fun!

 It was time to brush up on those social skills, and if she wanted her guests to have a good time she would need to socialize with them!

Lacey had just finished making drinks for everyone so it as the perfect opportunity to chat to her while Natasha got changed.  The girls felt a little silly that they had come to a Cupcake party wearing black dresses.

Lacey was really excited.  She had never been invited to a party like this before and so far she was having a great time.  She had a cheeky little grin about her that showed she was enjoying herself ... or she just wanted to show off her fangs.

It wasn't before the party tricks started to take place and Destiny pulled out a nice big bottle of champagne.

"Ooh my favorite!"  Lacey clapped, not realizing what Destiny had in mind.

Destin began to shake the bottle, it was soon that Lacey realised what was going on.

"Don't you dare Destiny, this is my favorite dress!"

And the cork pops and the fizzy nectar sprays ll over Lacey.  She laughs and brushes the excess off.

"I will get you back"  She says.

Who was this?
Lacey you naughty girl!

Lacey had booked a dancer for the party and Natasha was smuggling him in while she was off getting changed!

"Did somebody call for a lifeguard?"

Um, no.  She thought to herself but hey, she went with the flow.  The party room must of been to crowded for him to dance in so he went upstairs into her sitting room.  Destiny wasn't amused.

He set up his little boom box on her kitchen counter and a spotlight appeared from no where!

She stood around to watch the "show" but wasn't very excited by it.  Lacey appeared after a quick change in a super cute 2 piece Love Heart candy themed bathing suit.  It was very pretty and defiantly suited the theme!

Gustav, the dancer, really appeared to be enjoying himself.  Lacey wanted something to eat and Natasha, having not actually got changed because she was smuggling in the dancer, was now getting changed.

The dance didn't last long, and Gustav stayed around for a while after to keep the girls company.

This, Destiny didn't mind.

Now back to the party!

Destiny seemed quite down in the dumps
She was upset that her sister hadn't arrived.

 Desire had finally arrived, about time too!

"Where have you been, Sis, the party started at 5!"

"5?  But you said midnight?"

"No, the theme was Midnight Cupcake."  She chuckled as she realized how silly her sister really could be.

"Oh my gosh, Destiny I am so sorry, I thought you meant the party would be starting at midnight!"

They went inside and the party really had begin at midnight.  The drinks were flowing and the girls were hyper on chocolate cake and muffins.

Destiny and Desire took to the dance floor to strut their stuff!

Music was pumping through the room, the bubble machine was popping and the gobos were crazy.

And now, with the party girl being happy that her sister had arrived the atmosphere was electric.  Everyone was happy and having a good time.

Natasha got right down to business and starting making some more drinks.

An Evil Look In her Eye
Even when partying she cant shake her inner evil.

 It was starting to get late, and Natasha has a family to look after.

So 2am was defiantly enough partying for her.  She didn't want to be too tired the next day.  Having screaming kids running around all day while sleeping sleeping and a little ill doesn't mix well.

Destiny had a last bit of fun with Natasha before she left.  Natasha had a really good time and hopes that they could do it again, she loved the theme and she loved the company.

Destiny defiantly started to feel like the hostess with the mostess!

So, a tipsy Natasha left to go home.  Leaving Desire and Lacey to party with Destiny into the morning.

Having no close neighbors was great, they could party as long as they wanted too and not have to worry about disturbing anyone.

So with that in mind, Destiny cranked up the volume on the stereo and they took to the dancefloor!

Destiny and Lacey had tomorrow off, and Desire works open hours.  With no children to think of between them, they had no reason to be going home any time soon.

And of course they couldn't go home until all the yummy cakes and muffins were eaten!

A lovely group shot
Except Natasha :(

 It was Desire's turn to be necterfied!

"Don't you dare, Destiny."

"Why?"  She asks with a sly grin.

The bottle starts to be shook.

"Because ... because ..."

"Because, why?

"Because I don't want to be sticky!"

"Oh, oh ok fair enough."

Desire breaths a sigh of relief.

"Only Joking!"

The cork pops and the fizz can be heard through the room as the sweet nectar sprays all over Desire.

"That is for being late!"  Destiny smirks.

Desire looks on, bemused by the action, but then slowly begins to chuckle.

It was rather late
And Destiny sat down for a rest.

The look of an evil genius!
I think Destiny perhaps she has partook in abit too much nectar. or maybe it is the fact that it is 5am.

It was time for everyone to go home, that was for sure!

Desire and Lacey had an amazing time.

The girls would defiantly be wanting to do this again!

The party was a smash and Destiny knew she would be the talk of the town.  She was a brilliant host and knew how to throw a party!

The room was quite the mess, but being a genie she can just magically clean it.

Destiny was very tired.  All that dancing has taken its tole.

So tired she passed out on the floor!
Poor Destiny xD

She sure knew how to let her hair down.  Why hasn't she had a house party before?!  Singledom was nearly over for her, soon, she would be wed!


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